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What Is Creeris™?

Creeris (kre - âr - is), Latin.
Passive-subjunctive, second-person singular of creo, creare. creavi, creatus - Let you be created.
Hear it pronounced.

Creeris is a VENTURE firm that creates, funds, and operates companies under its control.

Creeris is NOT a venture CAPITAL firm. We do NOT invest passive capital in outside companies.

We Build Companies

At Creeris Ventures we put an emphasis on strategy and execution. We adopt the philosophy that it is always better to Execute With Excellence on a merely good idea than to execute poorly on the absolute best idea. It goes without saying that we strive to also identify and nurture the best ideas. With a proper strategy, good execution, and a finger on the pulse of the marketplace, even seemingly mediocre ideas can be transformed into world-class companies.

Most of our companies are created internally based on solid ideas and market fundamentals. All our investments begin with seed- and early-stage capital and continue with growth capital as the business develops. Seed capital is pledged to develop a prototype product or service with which to establish feasibility. We also take active leadership roles, lending our combined decades of entrepreneurial experience towards the success of our portfolio companies. By combining calculated risks, capital efficiency, careful market analysis, meticulously crafted strategy, and deliberate execution, we have created a winning recipe for success.

We Look for Good Ideas, Good Companies, and Good People

From time to time we consider early-stage investment with outside companies or ideas. Note that these investments are strategic in nature and still place an emphasis on lending critical components of our model to the venture. We are rarely interested in an idea or company without good people that will join us to help build it.

Industry sectors we favor include High Performance Computing, Big Data, Web 2.0, Life Sciences, Real Estate, Gaming and Entertainment, and Health and Fitness. Feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns.